The green Marketplace follows the trend of a conscious lifestyle and offers a marketplace to all vendors sharing our philosophy and selling products, that promote health, wellbeing and social as well as ecological consciousness.

Superfoods, cosmetics, fashion or home-accessories... all products on our marketplace are made with love and consciousness, sustainable, green and pure. Going for the better alternative has never been easier – the times of extensive research for sustainable products has passed – is your one-stop shop for everything your heart desires!

Browse through well known brands such as Intelligent Nutrients, Aduna, Dr. Sponge, Belmar, The Laundress & Co as well as through regional and handmade products of small manufacturers – be inspired by discovering a whole new spectrum of sustainable products!

You can be sure to find only the best and highest quality goods complying with our high standards and offering significant added value in comparison to conventional products. All those can be filtered according to your pesonal needs and prefrences to find the products that really suit your lifestyle.

Love, consciousness and sustainability – go for the better!

success is not the key to happiness
happiness is the key to success